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Dear Lancer Family,

Thank you for your interest in "L Wine"! At this time, we are sold out and are thankful for the ways L Wine provided many students with the aid they need to take part in the OLu experience. 

If you would like to know more about ways you can play a part in giving to the ministry here at OLu, visit our Giving page. 

The Development Team




About Cholame Vineyard

Cholame Vineyard is locally owned by David DuBois and family who live in Orange, CA. David has spent the past few years harvesting this land into a successful family-owned vineyard, while protecting the environemnt and supporting our community. In 2010, Cholame Vinebard celebrated its first havest. Today, Cholame produces nearly 1,200 cases anually.

Originally named by the Yokut Indians, Cholame, meaning "The Beautiful One" was named after the beautiful valley. The vineyard is located in San Miguel, CA nearly seven miles north of Paso Robles in the Cholame Valley.

Current releases include: Award-Winning Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, Cross Country, Red Bled, Zinfandel, and Bull Pen, Tempranillo.

Cholame Vineyard and the DuBois family have provided a unique platform for families, alumni, and friends to support students in pursuit of our greater mission. 

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