... on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther sparked the Reformation when he challenged the papacy and the Roman Catholic Church for selling indulgences for the forgiveness of sins and boldly proclaimed that salvation is not found in works but in Christ Jesus through GRACE alone, by FAITH alone, according to SCRIPTURE alone.  Luther preached the importance of education for ALL people, not just elite males.  He pressed for the opening of new schools, recommended monasteries be turned into schools, and sought to ensure that every parish had its own school.  The Reformation continues to have far-reaching effects touching everything from our Constitution, to biblical literacy, to education for all people, to the origin and mission of our Lutheran School system.  As a result, this historic 500th anniversary presents a powerful opportunity for our Lutheran schools to individually and collectively reflect on the courage of Martin Luther and give thanks for the opportunity to proclaim God’s truth and share His love for all people.  One way we are celebrating this year is by sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ with a simple gift through Operation Christmas Child.




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From now until November 15, people like you 

will be excitedly preparing and dropping off shoebox gifts

to send to millions of children worldwide.  

You too can bless a child and open the door for the Gospel.

Bring your packed box to Orange Lutheran High School

or click here to find the Orange County Lutheran School

closest to you. And make sure you pray for the

boy or girl who will receive your box!

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Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan's Purse
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Thank you for your support and participation in Operation Christmas Child.  Because of your partnership and the partnership of Orange Country Lutheran Schools, last year more than 18,000 children received a free gift introducing them to the idea that God's love is free and Jesus is the greatest gift of all.

2017-18 Important Dates

Socktober - Collection of socks or donations towards socks at home football, hockey, water polo and girls volleyball games in the month of October.

Oct. 21: Community Packing Party

Oct. 25: OCC at OLu Visitation Day

November 1: OCC promotion begins at all OC Lutheran schools

November 1: On-campus collection begins

Nov. 3: OCC guest speaker in chapel

Nov. 8: OCC box distribution at Prospective Student Open House

Nov. 14: Deadline for on-campus collections

Nov. 15: OLu OCC Service Day


The season for Operation Christ Child is alnost here!  We will launch on-campus collection of items to be packed on Wednesday, Nov. 1st.  We will be collecting thfollowingng items:

Small Toys
Musical Toys
Tennis & Bouncy Balls
Small Stuffed Animals
Scissors, Erasers & Pencil Sharpeners

These items will be packed on Service Day on Wednesday, November 15th when our freshman and sophomores will join with all Orange County Lutheran Schools to pack a combined 20,500 boxes in one week. If you wouldl like to donate or participate, please contact kimberly.hahn@lhsoc.org for details.

Contact Us

Kimberly Hahn
OCC Coordinator


Orange Lutheran High School

2222 N. Santiago Blvd.
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 998-5151